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Tracking traffic that drives your revenue from single campaign level, in a lifecycle term.

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Step1: Configure UTM template

Follow below steps

💡The "dm_source" parameter prevents any conflicts with your currently UTM settings. Please make sure you set it up. Then all the email clicks will be tracked by Attribuly Pixel.

Step 2: Input API key

ow to get private key?

1. Log into your Klaviyo account, click “Account”-” Settings”.

2. Select "API Keys", and click the button "Create Private API Key".

3. Name the API Key "Attribuly", select “Read-Only Key”, and click "Create".


Put the below code to every link you attach in email content:

  • Omnisend: utm_medium=email&utm_source=omnisend

    For other email service providers

    lease make sure any link in your email contains"utm_source="your-ESP-name"&utm_medium=email"


    You can collect information about your ad campaigns by adding campaign parameters to the destination URLs you use. In this way, you can track your campaign across different social media apps.

    When a user clicks a referral link, the parameters you've added are sent to Attribuly.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select [Menu] → Settings.

  2. On the right, under Tracking, select Gateway.

  3. Select the [Edit] button to edit your Gateway Tracking Settings.

  4. Add any UTM parameters that need to be automatically appended to your partner links. See the Parameters reference and template macros below to see which parameters to use.


  5. Select Save.

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It's easy, go to Setting-Set up UTM setting, and add UTM variables :

  • campaign source=UpPromote

  • campaign medium=affiliate

  • campaign name={affiliate_name} or {program_name}

Attribuly will capture the above information into attribution.

In Attrbuly, select the dimension of " campaign and source" , so you know exactly how UpPromte's affiliate drive conversions to your store.

Other affiliate software


Please check if your software supports custom UTM parameters, make sure you at least append below parameters:

  • utm_source={your_software_name}

  • utm_medium=affiliate

  • utm_campaign={affiliate_name} or {program_name}

Step 2:

Then you can categorize by above parameters, in Attribution all page-dimensions. Or view every single conversion journey and the ROAS.

If your software doesn't support custom UTM parameters, you can simply search the URL to track the performance at Attribution-all.


We put 3 UTMs attached to the destination link, please use Influencer directly to create a trackable link for every campaign and get the performance.

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