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What can I do with influencer attribution?

With influencer attribution, you can put influencer into part of your touchpoints, and categorize it, without mixing with social media channels.

Evaluating influencers' can't just use "last click" model, because most of influencers contribute at top funnel. They may not immidiately convert users, but they bring lot of visitors to your site. So we need a better attribution method.

With Attribuly, you have complete customer conversion path, so you can give credit to influencers with different attribution models.

Set up process

  1. Build UTMs for your influencer.

  2. Send link to your influencer, make sure influencer puts link to every place possible, or Attribuly can't track the user conversion path.

  3. Analyze influencer contribution at "Attribution-influencer" page.

💡There are several metrics in Attribuly to evaluate influencer performance. The clicks, customers, orders and sales revenue.

If you want to review influencer's direct conversion, use" last click" attribution;

If you want to review which influencer bring most visitors to your site, use " first click" attribution;

If you want to evaluate influencer's performance in full user journey, use " linear" attribution.

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