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Introducing attribution for all channels
Introducing attribution for all channels
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Why I need all channel attribution?

When analyzing all marketing campaigns, you might need evaluate how all the marketing activities you have ran lead to conversions in your store.

  1. I want to classify my campaigns into different sorts, so I understand which channel works well.

  2. In more detail, I want to understand the performance of all the campaigns I have.

  3. I want to understand how touchpoints play in the customer journey, so I can adjust my marketing plan.

Attribution for all channels gives a single source to evaluate all the campaigns. We simply categorize all the channels into: Ad, Influencer, Email, Social media, Organic search and others.

How Attribuly categorizes traffic to different channels?


Source site



Google, Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, Linkedin, Instagram

Apply any criteria below

  • Attribuly UTM template is installed

  • There is gclid or fbclid

  • utm_medium = "paid" or "ppc" or "cpc"

Social media


Traffic that is not classified as Ad

Organic search

'google', 'bing', 'yandex', 'ecosia', 'naver', 'yahoo', 'aol', 'baidu', 'ask', 'aol', 'duckduckgo', 'wolframalpha', 'webcrawler', 'so', 'sm',

Traffic that is not classified as Ad



  • utm_source=mailchimp

  • dm_source=klaviyo






All traffic not meet the criteria above



No any referral information in this conversion journey


How to optimize my campaigns?

When you choose different attribution models, Attribuly gives credit to all campaigns. One of the important index is "performance proportion", which indicates the conversion proportion of total. And the report is sorted by proportion by default.

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