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Conversion goals
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Why do I need conversion goals?

You have many goals for your marketing events.

  • You want to know key conversions for your campaigns. i.e. page view, add to cart, checkout process.

  • You have a new product launch campaign, you want to know the key conversions just for the new product.

conversion is one most important measurements to evaluate your marketing activities. Previously you need complicated code jobs to track these conversions, and the conversion data of Shopify is frequently different from Google Analytics or other tools.

The conversion goals of Attribuly make it accurate and easy to set up.

How to use conversion goal?

There are 5 goals by default, which you can't edit or delete. You may want to create custom goals. A maximum of 20 goals in total are supported.

For event type: product viewed, product_added_to_cart, checkout_started, checkout_completed. You may select specific products as a goal; all the products are listed in the drop-down box. The total price will be set as conversion value automatically.

The default and custom goals are available in all channel attribution, ads attribution, and influencer attribution page.

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