Conversion paths
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What is conversion paths?

Conversion paths are a great way to understand how your customers get converted by your touchpoints.

  • Which path drives the most conversions?

  • Which path drives the most conversion value?

  • Which path has the highest conversion rate?

  • Which path has the highest time to conversion?

When you set up your custom goals for specific products or pages, you will get the paths for these goals. It's super helpful to adjust your promotion tactics.

How should I use conversion paths?

  1. Select your conversion goal.

  2. Choose if you want to view the path at the campaign level or channel level.

  3. Select the date range that conversions happened.

  4. Determine the touchpoint's contribution by selecting the attribution model .

Different background colors indicate different channels.


  1. The direct traffic will receive credit only if there is no any other touchpoint in a customer conversion path

  2. A maximum of 50 touchpoints will be displayed.

  3. The more data collected by Attribuly, the more accurate paths.

  4. You may find less direct traffic as Attribuly collects more data

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