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How to integrate with UpPromote and other affiliate software?
How to integrate with UpPromote and other affiliate software?
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UpPromote is a popular affiliate marketing app in Shopify. You may need to integrate Attribuly with UpPromote, so you

  1. know exactly which affiliate and which program drive conversions to your store;

  2. have Insight into detailed customer conversion patterns, especially how UpPromote works with other touchpoints.

  3. Optimize your affiliate tactics, and create more performing affiliates and programs.

How to integrate with UpPromote?

It's easy, go to Setting-Set up UTM setting, and add UTM variables :

  • campaign source=UpPromote

  • campaign medium=affiliate

  • campaign name={affiliate_name} or {program_name}

Attribuly will capture above information into attribution.

Use attrbuly, select dimension of " campaign and source" , so you know exactly how UpPromte's affiliate drive conversions to your store.

Other affiliate softwares


Please check if your software supports custom UTM parameters, make sure you at least append below parameters:

  • utm_source={your_software_name}

  • utm_medium=affiliate

  • utm_campaign={affiliate_name} or {program_name}

Step 2:

Then you can categorize by above paramters, in Attribution all page-dimensions. Or view every single conversion journey and the ROAS.

If your software does't support custom UTM parameters, you can simple search the URL to track the performance at Attribution-all.

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