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Conversion feed
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Why do I need conversion feed?

Server-side tracking is inevitable, ad blockers & cookie issues lead to a more and more tough situation for Shopify brands to collect customer data.

On the other hand, smarter ads campaigns required high-quality conversion data to feed their AI to automatic optimization. Such as Google performance max(Pmax) and Facebook advantage+.

Server-side data sharing is one of best ways to tackle this issue.


The Attribuly Facebook conversion feed utilizes its customer data for another valuable case. It follows Facebook's best practice, that is:

1. Share the same events as a browser-side pixel. So all the standard events are shared.

  • checkout_completed

  • checkout_started

  • collection_viewed

  • page_viewed

  • payment_info_submitted

  • product_added_to_cart

  • product_viewed

  • search_submitted

2. Good or great quality. We send customer information parameters as much as possible. The longer time you send data via Attribuly, the higher event match quality you will get.

3. Real time. The sooner you share events to Meta, the better the ad delivery system can evaluate how likely a person is to take your desired action after seeing your ad. So we utilize our technologies & network to reach this goal.

Setup guide


  • Switch off any other channel that sends the same feed data to your Facebook server, or you will get duplicated events. This will impact your ads performance.

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