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Facebook conversion feed
Facebook conversion feed
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Why do I need Server-side conversion feed?

  • With regards to Facebook, the issue of "Signal Loss" arises. The reliability of browsers for consistent conversion tracking is diminishing due to certain factors such as the 7-day expiration of cookies on browsers (e.g., Safari) and the default blocking feature of all tracking by browsers.

  • Moreover, the impact of iOS14 emphasizes the need for accurate measurement of the 8 conversion events (more details below).

  • The usage of AdBlockers is on the rise, with estimates suggesting that around 27% of users have enabled ad blocking.

So Facebook conversion API is another way to send back to Facebook, in parallel with Pixel. The CAPI will help you to fix critical tracking errors.

What data is transferred?

The conversion API supports all of your convesion events. By default Attribuly supports all the standard event as below:

  • checkout_completed

  • checkout_started

  • collection_viewed

  • page_viewed

  • payment_info_submitted

  • product_added_to_cart

  • product_viewed

  • search_submitted

We recommend to send the same data as your client pixel, or at least:

  • product_added_to_cart

  • checkout_started

  • checkout_completed

  • product_viewed

To comply with Facebook best practice, Attribuly also

Check the status and debug

Good or great quality. We send customer information parameters as much as possible. The longer time you send data via Attribuly, the higher event match quality you will get.

3. Real time. The sooner you share events to Meta, the better the ad delivery system can evaluate how likely a person is to take your desired action after seeing your ad. So we utilize our technologies & network to reach this goal.

Setup guide

Status from Attribuly dashboard

  • "Server" in green background: The server-side is running well

  • "Server auth failed" in red background: Your Google ads authentication or Facebook token is expired, please update.

  • "Server" in grey background: your Facebook server-side is not configured..

  • "browser" in green background: Your browser pixel is running.

  • "browser" in grey background: Your browser pixel is not configured.

If you are using other server-side

To avoid duplication, please make sure you only use 1 server-side. If you are using Facebook & Instagram channel, switch it off.

Comparison with other method

Shopify Facebook & Instagram channel


CAPI for purchase event



CAPI for other events



Multi server-side setup



Change conversion value currency to ads manager's



Browser-side Pixel(Facebook Pixel)

Facebook conversion feed works better when your Pixel is also managed by Attribuly. To complete your pixel installation via Attribuly, follow below steps:

  1. Customer events. Click here

  2. Click “Add custom pixel”, name it ”Attribuly-Facebook pixel xxxx”.

  3. Copy the pixel below and paste it to the code, save and connect it.

  4. Run a test to make sure the configuration is successful.

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