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Live Events
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You may focus on how your customers interact with your campaigns and their actions in your store. Attribuly gives real-time, rich format customer behaviors now with the "LIve events" feature. πŸŽ‰

Live Events refreshes every minute, you may also switch on the "live update" mode. It's a perfect tool for your store's live monitoring.

Event type

Types are supported in the filter:

  • Page view

  • Product view

  • Collection view

  • Search submit

  • add to cart

  • Checkout start

  • Payment info submit

  • Checkout complete

  • Form submission

  • Remove from cart

You may monitor specific events by selecting the types.

Live update

By default, Live Update is on. So the activity feed is refreshing and loading the latest customer events automatically.

If the live update is off, you will see how many events are tracked from last refresh.

Display these events by clicking "Show"

Activity feed

The activity feed displays real-time customer events. Including time, customer, event type, and content. If it's a known customer, the customer's name is displayed; if it's an unknown customer, the customer's ID is displayed. The event type is from 8 customer event types.

The content column displays the page title(clickable) when the event type is page view/collection view, displays the search keyword when the event type is search submit, and displays the product details when the event type is product view/add to cart/checkout start/payment info submit/checkout complete.

You will get the full customer journey on the popup when clicking customer info.

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