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Downgrade, unsubscribe, and uninstall
Downgrade, unsubscribe, and uninstall
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Unsubscribe and Downgrade

When you downgrade from a paid version, the below changes will take effect.

  • You can't visit all paid features.

  • The influencer and shot links with more than a monthly free capacity, will be deactivated. Could you make sure you have updated all the links before downgrading?

  • Your server-side tracking will stop sending data back to Facebook/Google, this will impact your data quality of ads platforms and may affect your conversion rate.

  • Your ads automation will stop working. Please make sure you have stopped the tactics to 1.

To downgrade, go to Billing


  • Attribuly will no longer collect any customer data.

  • The previous customer behavior data will be deleted in 48 hours. Please make sure you notice the data process and export the data before uninstallation.

If I uninstall, will some code be left in my storefront?

No, our technology makes sure all the code will be removed from your store.

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