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Google conversion feed
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Google currently supports Google ads API to send conversion data back to the platform. Since Google ads do not deduplicate data between client-side and server-side, you have to run this conversion in parallel with your client-side or replace your client-side conversion. and set the server-side as the primary action.

100% more data tracked by Attribuly, compare with Shopify Google & Youtube tags.

What data is transferred?

Google supports below events:

  • Page view

  • Add to cart

  • Checkout start

  • Checkout completed

Step1: Set up conversion feed

Create a new destination, follow the steps.

Your connected Gogole ads account will display in the next step, choose which account you want to sent to, and save.

Step 2: Set primary conversion

Go to Google ads manager, click to tools and setting-Measurement- conversion

You will see a conversion action starting with "Attribuly xxx", this is the conversion data sent from Attribuly.

And Google sums all the primary actions as your total conversion value. So you need to only set one correct primary action. Or your value attributed to Google ads, will be bigger than the actual

Go to the conversion action setting, set Attribuly purchase as the primary action, and set all the other actions as secondary.

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