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Ad tracking in Attribuly
Ad tracking in Attribuly
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How ad tracking in Attribuly works

By connecting your ad account with Attribuly, you unlock the power of tracking parameters that will be seamlessly applied to your active or pending review ads. This essential feature ensures that every purchase and conversion can be accurately attributed to the specific ads that your customers interacted with. Armed with this invaluable information, companies can uncover valuable insights into their customers' preferences and behaviors.

In the rare event that Attribuly is unable to track an ad, rest assured that the reports from the ad network will still be reflected in your analytics tools. This comprehensive view includes click, impression, and purchase data. If needed, you also have the option to visit the ad network and append a tracking template to these ads, ensuring no valuable data slips through the cracks.

Ads Tracking in different networks

For more information about tracking ads to gain greater insights into your customers’ preferences, please refer to the following resources:

Attribuly is only able to track the following types of ads for contact attribution:

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads: Attribuly can track most Facebook and Instagram ads, but some ad types are not supported due to API limitations.

    • Ads that do not link to external sites, such as Facebook Messenger ads, cannot be tracked.

    • Display campaign without external links can be attributed by view-through attribution, in ads attribution module.

  • Google Ads: Attribuly can track most Google ad types, but some ad types are not supported due to API limitations.

    • Performance Max campaigns can be tracked, but reporting data for specific ad groups, ads, or keywords is not available.

    • Discovery campaigns can be tracked as long as you're not overriding tracking for the ad campaign's ad groups or ads.

  • LinkedIn Ads: Attribuly can track most LinkedIn ads, but some ad types are not supported due to API limitations.

Facebook Auto tracking

For eligible Facebook ads, Attribuly automatically detects ads in active and review status and adds tracking parameters at regular intervals. Auto tracking can help merchants better analyze the ROAS of each ad. For ad campaigns that do not meet the conditions, Attribuly will provide reminders, and users can manually add tracking parameters.


The above parameters will be added to each creative URL parameter.

Some important points

  • Auto tracking only works for ads Less than 20 post engagements. Existing ads more than that please append tracking parameters manually. Follow below video for add tracking parameters.

  • Advertising creativity points to external links, so Facebook Messenger ads, etc. cannot use auto-tracking.

  • Facebook shop can't be tracked with auto-tracking. However, Attribuuly can still identify orders from that.

  • Advantage + ad ads can only be traced to the campaign level

  • If the ad has existing tracking parameters, auto-tracking will not overwrite.

Set up guide

To enable auto tracking

  1. Click Integrations in your Attribuly

  2. Click“Connected" to see your connected networks.

  3. Toggle ” auto tracking “.

You can also toggle it on when you connect your Facebook account. If you have done that, you don't need to add tracking template manually for new ads.

Please note:

Attribuly can only track conversion after the tracking template is enabled, no conversion can be tracked at the campaign level without tracking template.

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