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Contact create tracking and attribution
Contact create tracking and attribution
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Available for Pro and Enterprise

For B2B and B2C eCommerce, Understanding the conversion path of each contact will help you

  • Analyze the ROI of every contact.

  • Insight into user registration path

  • Use registration data to optimize ad placement. For example, the overall GMV /total number of contacts of the store can be used to derive the average value of the lead. This value can be used as a reference for the bidding target of ad placement to optimize the acquisition cost of the lead continuously.

Attribuly Pixel automatically tracks all registration behaviors of your store and displays them in Live events and attributions.

  • Attribuly can also distinguish new leads and re-engage leads.

  • As a conversion goal, the attribution model also affects credits received by campaigns.

  • Attribuly can only track contacts created after installation

Set up guide

No configuration is required since Attribuly works automatically. You will find some additional columns:

Attribution all & ads: Attribuly will identify whether this contact is a new contact

New event type in Live Events

Attribuly will track the email address and page path user submits the form

Data Postback via Server-side tracking

Posting back the lead data helps ads networks understand the lead's value. Its algorithm is optimized to target more similar leads with higher value. Attribuly is the only vendor in the market who calculates the lead value by campaigns(Most tools only calculate by a fixed number, such as $1, which is useless for ad networks to understand the value.)

Attribuly tracks the lead's lifetime value by a specific campaign, and send the value to ad networks. Since LTV is different, the value sent back is also different from campaigns.

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