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Discrepancies in report data

When you view the attribution report, you might notice some differences between the Attribuly reports and related platforms. This is because of the differences in how Attribuly and third parties attribute interactions and sales, and also because of delays in syncing data.

For example, if you create a Facebook ad, and then view the conversion report for the activity in Attribuly as well the data in Facebook for the same ad, then the two reports might show different results.

Running Conversion Feed doesn't make sure to correct the discrepancies. Since Meta and other networks have their own way of processing the data Attribuly posts back. Even when Attribuly maintains a high level data quality.

Discrepancies in attribution

You might note discrepancies in sales and order data between your Attribuly and the reports available from the marketing app or the third-party platform where you created the marketing activity.

For example, if you're running an email campaign and a Facebook campaign simultaneously, in cases where a customer clicks on both your email and your Google Shopping ad, they can each record a separate conversion. But the Attribuly attributes the sale to all the touchpoints happening in the last 30 days, with Linear attribution model by default.

Discrepancies in ad spend

You might note discrepancies between the ad spend data in your attribution reports and reports available externally for the same service.

For example, your Attribuly might display a 10 USD ad spend for a Facebook campaign, but the same campaign in Facebook Ad Manager displays 13 USD in ad spend. The Facebook ad spend amount for marketing apps can take up to 30 minutes to sync to Attribuly, and 24 hours for Google ads, so the delay causes the discrepancy.

Discrepancies with Shopify

You may find the conversion summary and source in Shopify is different with Attribuly, but the total orders are the same. Because Shopify attributes orders only to the current session, but does not look back to previous sessions from the same visitor.

Check your settings

To make sure you set up correctly. Follow below steps

  1. Check the total orders from "Attribution-all". The total orders should be the same as your real number.

  2. The ad spend. The ad spend should be correct.

  3. Check warning messages from "Attribution-ads". Try to fix the warnings.

  4. Check your Meta ads at the campaign level, to see whether some campaigns show similar data, while others are big differences. In this case, your setting should be correct.

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