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Creatives Attribution
Creatives Attribution
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Watch our interactive demo: Creatives Attribution · Attribuly

he creative attribution centralizes all your ads' creatives with end-to-end performance. So you easily capture your best-performing ones.

The creative attribution

  1. Gain precise insight into the performance of each unique creative asset across various campaigns. Dive deep into key performance indicators that showcase the success of your winning creatives.

  2. From the very first impression, through clicks and all the way to the final purchase, your creative efforts seamlessly guide customers along their journey. Attribuly provides you with all the essential metrics you need, conveniently in one place. Whether it's captivating images or compelling videos, Attribuly has got you covered.

Analyze creatives

Attribuly automatically gets your creatives from Meta accounts that have connected.

  • Click date range to select the date. The date range should be after Attribuly installation.

  • Click attribution modelto select different model.

  • Click creative type to choose from video and image.

  • Click filter, you can filter creatives by ad account/campaign/ad set/ad

The performance matrix

  • The X-axis is the spent of each creative

  • The Y-axis is the performance of this creative. You may choose from orders, purchases, ROAS and other metrics.

The matrix shows the performance in a intuitive way. For example, if you want to find the best performing creatives of CPA, then you may check the left-down & right-down corner.

The creative list

  • Use search to find specific creatives.

  • Use Ascend/descend to sort the creatives

  • Click columns to choose different metrics that display below.

Use cases

Your creatives serve for different stages of conversion funnel. You can use different key metrics such as impressions, clicks, purchases to find the best performing creatives. Then you may adjust the budget, or copy the successful creatives by changing some elements of the creative.

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