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Set up TikTok ads server-side tracking
Set up TikTok ads server-side tracking
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Why Attribuly

With advanced identity resolution technology, Attribuly is your ideal tool to post back lost signals to TikTok ads, via TikTok Event API. This helps TikTok get more accurate data, which is critical to improve your overall ads performance.

How it works

1. Attribuly pixel capture visitors from TikTok ads, and track the customer journey across channels and devices.

2. Send predefined events back to TikTok ads that follow the best practices. Attribuly combines user identifiers as much as possible to improve the data quality. Such as ttclid(TikTok CLick ID), email address, and phone numbers.

3. Get the success/failure status from TikTok.

Set up guide

Get your Tiktok Pixel ID and access token.

Follow the interactive demo to get the Pixel ID and Tiktok access token

Configure in Attribuly

Select the events you want to post back to TikTok ads. Click “Save” to run.

Test and monitor

You can monitor the match rate by clicking the analytics icon.

To view the postback history, scroll down to see all the history records and detailed data sent to TikTok.

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