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Earn up to 6% rebate for your ad spend
Earn up to 6% rebate for your ad spend
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Hey Attribuly users, imagine you run $10K Facebook ads, we can help you get $500 rebate!

Some ad networks give commissions to accounts in specific countries. We help you get that commission. All you need to do is just open an ad account with us, and we take care of all the rest.

How it works?

  1. We create an ad account for you, it's Free, the account has no spending limit

  2. You deposit via USD bank transfer. It takes 1 day for pop-up.

  3. In the middle of next quarter, the 5% rebate will be sent to your bank account.

What ad networks you can get a rebate

Minimum deposit per time: $1,000(due to transfer cost)

Ad network

Rebate rate

Information to open your account



You account email and BM number

Bing Ads


Your account email



Your account email

Interested? Talk to us via live chat:)

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