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Google Analytics 4 Integration
Google Analytics 4 Integration
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Watch the interactive demo HERE.

The problem with pixel-based GA4

The pure pixel-based GA4 has below issues.

  1. Easily be blocked by some privacy-focused browsers.

  2. Lack of some critical events tracking, such as checkout start, payment info, contact info, address info, ship info, checkout complete.

  3. Refunds can't be tracked.

The Attribuly GA4 integration highlights

With the integration,

  1. Track the whole checkout process.

  2. Fill with lost data due to blockers on browser side.

  3. Get a better customer lifetime view with the refund event.

  4. Support deduplication if the browser pixel sends the same events.

How the integration works

To track the critical checkout process and have accurate data in GA4, the Shopify Web Pixels is the best solution. Since it provides checkout events below for all Shopify plans.

  • Checkout start

  • Payment info submission

  • Checkout complete

For Shopify Plus merchants, it even provides more customer events with support of Checkout Extensibility.

  • Contact info submission

  • Address info submission

  • Ship info submission

With these critical events available in GA4, it's meaningful to have a funnel view of the whole checkout process.

Attribuly works as "Your Server" in below diagram, and send the data to GA4 via cloud.

It contains some of the most popular customer events, without a line of code.

  • page view

  • view item

  • view item list

  • search

  • add to cart

  • begin checkout

  • add payment info

  • purchase

  • view cart

  • refund

  • remove from cart

Integrate your refund data with Shopify

The refund events can also be sent to GA4, this information is from Shopify backend. So it's more accurate when you run LTV report.

Integrate with your existing GA4 property

If you have existing GA4 property with data from Gtag. You may question how duplication works when browser-side and server-side send the same event.

Attribuly uses the Gtag-generated Client-id as the same parameter when sending data back to GA4. So GA4 uses this parameter to map the same event from browser-side and duplicate.

Input your existing GA4's token and measurement ID to run this mode

Set up guide

Step 1: Select the events you want to send via cloud

Step 2:

Configure the measurement ID and API secret.

Follow the interaction demo to get the code.


Should I disable GA4 in Google & Youtube app?

No, this native app is a browser-side pixel. Google Analytics deduplicates the data between browser-side and Attribuly's cloud side. So you don't need to disable.

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