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Your business relies heavily on understanding your audience and engaging with it at the right time and with the right audience. Attribuly's segments feature, based on data from ad clicks to purchases, is the best tool for creating and managing audience segments.

  • Create and continuously update audiences based on user behavior, attributes, and more

  • Sync audiences to TikTok, Klaviyo, etc. to achieve targeted customer engagement and improve customer experience

  • Based on models such as RFM, users can be better grouped

Create a segment

Go to Store-Segments

To create a new segment:

  1. Input a segment name

  2. Build the filters.

Segment Conditions

Customer property. Choose from Email, Country, City, Province, First name, Last name, Created date.

Customer has done. Choose from all the event categories Attribuly has at "Live events. including

  • Ad interaction.

  • Email interaction.

  • Influencer interaction

  • Social media interaction

  • Organic search interaction

  • Referral interaction

  • Page viewed

  • product viewed

  • Collection viewed

  • Search submitted

  • Cart viewed

  • Added to cart

  • Checkout started

  • Payment info submitted

  • Checkout completed

  • Form submission

  • Removed from cart

In the value field, input the quantity of an event has been done. You can also use the data field to limit a time range.

Select multiple conditions and connect them with "And" "Or" conditions.

View the segment

The segment update every 24 hours.

  • Name: The segment name.

  • Segment size: The number of customers in this segment, including anonymous visitors.

  • Orders: Total orders placed including all status.

  • Revenue: Total revenue generated in history, without refund.

  • Actions: Choose from edit and delete. You can edit the condition, it impacts the segment immediately.

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