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Influencer attribution
Influencer attribution
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Attribuly offers an innovative way to create, track and manage your influencer/affiliate marketing.

From merchant side

Create a tracking code for every new campaign you work with your influencer/affiliate/newsmedia. You can create influencer name, select publish channel(Youtube or others), input cost, so you get a unique link for every campaign.

You can send the sharelink to your marketing partners, so they can use it and upload creative files to unlimited cloud storage, no more emails or Google drive, that's just hard to manage

The files are linked with your creators so you get updated of their performance. And you know much better how to design your next sparkling creative🤞

You have super rich metrics to track your inluencer performance, including: total users, new users, clicks, purchase, payment info submit, checkout start, add to cart, collection view, search submit, purchase ROAS.

Comparing with other influencer marketing tools, Attribuly merge your influencers with other touchpoints such as ads. So you have a full picture of your customer journey.

Data Attribuly tracks:

  • Total users

  • New users

  • Clicks

  • Purchase and value(with detailed customer journey)

  • Payment info submit and value

  • Checkout start and value

  • Add to cart and value

  • Collection view

  • Search submit

  • Purchase ROAS

From creator side

Creators now enjoy freedom to manage your short links and creatives. All the links from different brands will be categorized in one page( devided by brand name), so it's much easier to manage the partnership.

You can also upload your creatives inside campaign page, insert your youtube video links, so they keep updated on the performance from your channel.

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