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Add-on in Pro plan, and unlimited in Enterprise plan

Currently ads automation works only for Meta ads. It supports

  • Stop ads

  • Restart ads

  • Increase budget

  • Decrease budget


There are 9 templates you can choose from. Each template has predefined conditions and actions.

Build from scratch

  1. Input a tactic name

  2. Ad account: Choose an account you have connected to. Currently only Meta.

  3. Applies to different campaigns/ad set/ad. You will see all the campaign list after account selection.

  4. Condition. The action is triggered when an object meets the condition. The metrics here are from ads attribution data. See the detailed definition of metrics HERE.

  5. Action. Choose 1 or more actions.

  6. Schedule. The frequency this tactic runs.

  7. Click Save. This tactic starts to work.

About condition

  • Click +to add more conditions to your current group.

  • Click +Group to add 1 more group. The action takes effect only when 2 groups' conditions meet.

About action

  • Increase by amount or percentage.

  • Automatically reset budget at. The budget will be reset back to original value at your defined time point.

  • Frequency limit. How many times does this action do.


For Pro plan, this feature is 1% of your account's ad spent, or minimum $50.

  • The account without automation is not charged


Why use Attribuly over Meta own automation or Madgicx

First party data. When you run automation in Meta, the conversion or other condition metrics you use is actually inaccurate. While Attribuly has accurate tracking data, which ensures you make informed decisions.

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